I want a Doberman, husky and Yorkshire terrier when I grow up. I also want to get a Bengal cat. Will they get along if I have them at once?

I mean I know that Dobermans and Huskies are pretty big dogs that require a lot of space and Bengal cats require a lot of exercise. But I just don't want to end up getting them all, and one kills the other within a day or so. That's why I asked if they all get along well together.

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They can if properly socialized. Huskies tend to have a high prey drive, so I oersonally would advise against keeping one with a yorkie and a cat.


Woah. Hold on - you do realise that getting one puppy of one breed is going to be a life-changing event and it's never a good idea to have more than one puppy at the same time, unless you are VERY experienced, have the right accommodation, time, and finances. Leaving aside the idea about having a cat in that mix too. I'd leave all of this until you have 'grown up'. My opinion.

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Nope. Huskies have a very high prey drive, and are not safe with small animals. And they are a poor choice for most people. You can't have a Husky and a Yorkie or cat. When we are adults and living in our own place, our choice of pets though is limited to what we are allowed to have (based on your lease and/or your liability insurance) as well as our time issues as well as our income. We all grow up of dreams for what animals we want - mine was a horse! - but finances and the cold reality of expenses made the horse ownership only a dream. But I did continue to have my dream dog though - working line GSD's - and my dream cat - Siamese. So our dreams change as we get older, but I am sure you will manage to have some sort of pet that brings you much happiness! For me, the GSD is no longer in the picture due to the exercise they need, and the joint issues that aging brings to us. But I still have my Siamese cats :) And speaking from experience, if you can provide lots of stimulation and some tall sturdy cat trees, Bengals are just marvelous!


Whether or not they all get along is unknown until the animals are in the room together. That depends on many factors. Also Huskies are known for having a high prey drive and most people say absolutely no small animals. I have a Husky, I also have 2 cats and a shih tzu bichon mix. They all get along. My Husky is very gentle with my puppy but I got him when he was 3 months old and raised him with small animals. I know a few other people that have Huskies and they would kill a small animal in a heartbeat so you can't always go by breed standard but it's a good place to start so you have an idea of what the dog might be like.


When you "grow up" I doubt you will feel quite the same about having so many pets. Meanwhile I suggest you do lots of homework and research on the pets in your question and learn all you can about them. Just in case you actually do decide one day to get one or two of them. No-one can tell you if all the animals in your question will get along together as that will all depend on a number of things including the temperaments of the animals. It would not be viable to get them all at once though. Most of us, when young, dream of having our favourite animals as pets. I badly wanted a horse when I was 13, but I was 18 when I got my first one and had to pay for it on hire purchase, which my b/f helped me with. Just to say that, Doberman`s and Husky`s are not dogs for novices and will take up ALL your spare time in exercising them and training them, so don`t rush into something you may deeply regret.


So hopefully you are sensible enough to know that you wouldn't get them all at the same time. If you did get all, it should be over time and by then you would know the temperament of each. No reason why they couldn't all live together other than I'd suggest the Husky killing the cat would be your biggest problem and therefore would be wise to get the cat first and let that mature a little before introducing a PUPPY Husky who will grow with the cat. Plenty of images of Huskies and cats but it would be up to you how you introduce and nurture. https://www.google.com/search?q=husky+with+a+cat&rlz=1C1GGGE_en-gbGB583GB583&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiiqJ_W0JzgAhX-UxUIHRh8CQMQ_AUIDigB&biw=1280&bih=882


Not likely.

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And where will you live with all these pets you'll probably never afford to buy - FANTASYLAND?