My dog just got diagnosed with liver disease this week and I’m running out of options to try and get him to keep any food down. Please help!?



This doesn't look good I'm afraid and I'm so sorry. I don't have a suggestion for you other than check online for best foods for dogs with liver disease but tbh if he cannot keep anything down then you know what has to be. So sorry.


You should be discussing with your vet. It is getting to the point where euthanasia is the kindest option.


Denamarin and milk thistle are great but won't fix the nausea. Call the vet this morning and ask for an anti-nausea drug. That may help tremendously - I'm sure you have been nauseous in the past and you sure don't feel like eating. It can help tremendously! In the meantime a very bland diet - cooked rice mixed with very, very lean hamburger or ground white meat turkey or chicken (no skin) may also help. Good luck! The liver is the only organ capable of healing itself if you can keep the pet hydrated and eating.


This is a discussion you need to have with your vet....... who is likely to suggest plain boiled rice ( brown rice) and plain boiled chicken......


I honestly think this question is more for your treating vet to answer rather than strangers on a website like this? As far as I'm concerned, if your dog's quality of life is reducing, which it's bound to if he can't keep food down, then you only have one choice really. I have always gone by when the down days outnumber the up days, then it's time to give a dog peace. We never allowed lingering. I'm sorry for you of course because this is a horrible decision for anybody to have to make.


Did your vet discuss end of life options? I think you're there. I'm sorry.


What did your vet recommend? If his liver disease is advanced and cant be treated, you should consider your options.


It might be best to get a slow feeder for him

dorothy s

I am so sorry that your dog has a liver disease, you must feel dreadful. When my dog was ill, I fed her tiny amounts and fed her 6 times a day. I have kept records of her diet in my archives. I will try to paste them on to this. If this diet does not appeal to him, you could try manuka honey. FISH PIES. For the topping. Boil potatoes and parsnips, mash and add grated raw carrots, then mix in grated cheese. Boil a couple of fish fillets, place in a casserole, break fish up and add a tin of fish in oil. Pour some goats yoghurt over this, then add the mash. Consider frying leeks and adding this to the mash topping. Top the fish with the mash and add more grated cheese, then grill for about ten minutes. Serve warm. This will make a huge amount of tiny meals and it can be frozen for later. BACON CASSEROLE. Fry bacon Lardons, drain on kitchen roll. Thinly slice large potatoes. Drop four eggs into the liquidiser; add goat’s yogurt and cheese. Line dish with sliced potatoes, add bacon and top with more sliced potatoes. Pour over the contents from the liquidiser and microwave until the potatoes are soft. This will make a huge amount of tiny meals and it can be frozen for later. STEAK AND BLACK PUDDING..(Use cheap stewing steak) Simmer the steak and black pudding, add potatoes, parsnips and carrots, Cook for about two hours. Allow to cool and serve warm. This will make a huge amount of tiny meals and it can be frozen for later. Consider cooking Ox tail with black pudding. Add carrots, celery and possibly sweet potatoes when the ox tail has cooked for a while. Or cook the veg separately. This will make a huge amount of tiny meals and it can be frozen for later. Another idea Hard boiled eggs quartered. Place in casserole then use the liquidiser to mix up goats yogurt, eggs and tinned fish. Pour this over the hard boiled eggs and top with mashed sweet potatoes. This is simple to do. Cook chicken or fish remove the bones and skin and add very overcooked rice.


Try giving Milk Thistle. Also ask what the vet thinks is causing this? Is the dog on any medication? Keep in mind that a lot of meds can affect the appetite AND the liver, especially the pain meds, and more especially the opioid/narcotic pain meds. If your dog is on any of those meds, consider taking him off and finding another option. There are natural solutions to some if these issues, and you can look it up. The liver has a great capacity to mend, if given the chance. Look up "natural help for liver". In the meantime, can the vet give anti-nausea meds, or fluids? Also try cooked chicken and rice, or just mild broth.


euthanize??? You can treat a dog more humanely than you can a human in modern day times.

heart o' gold

I don’t know what you are feeding but when my dogs are sick I feed a mix of cooked white rice and cooked ground turkey or lean ground beef. Either half and half or two parts meat to one part rice. This is easy to digest and usually appeals to the dog. You can also poach a whole chicken in a pan it just fits in barely covered with water. No salt or seasonings and no veges. Offer the dog chicken meat with no skin or bones with cooked white rice. You can also offer the dog the cooking broth.


You might try baby food. Dogs like food that smells strong. You might talk to the vet about your options if your dog continues to refuse food.