Why does google say newborn puppies can’t survive on human baby formula when they can?

Years ago my grandmother raised a newborn puppy on s.m.a baby formula the puppies mother died and the owners where giving the puppies to whoever would be willing to take them my grandmother took one and she had a newborn son at the time and when she was feeding her newborn son she’d also feed the puppy (separate bottles of course) she kept the puppy in a shoe box filled with cotton this would of been back in 1960-1970 she named the pup tiny and it lived to be around 16-17 years old my grandmother still talks about her to this day


They can survive but they don't get the proper nutrients necessary for proper puppy growth. Dogs are lactose intolerant & will get diarrhea. Goats milk is a very very good alternative for puppies & kittens. Goats milk can be found next the the condensed milk cans. oR find a goat farm & buy it fresh..


I just looked up that question on Google, why didn't you post accurately? It states puppies don't tolerate human milk formula because most formulas are made from cows milk, which has lactose, and most dogs are lactose intolerant. Because of the lactose intolorsnce it would cause the puppies to have diarrhea and eventually die from dehydration because of the diarrhea. You need to read the whole page, to just the first or second sentence. That's just being irresponsible. Many people have used soy based formula and been successful weaning puppies onto puppy formula food, your grandmother isn't the only one that figured out that puppies are lactose intolerant.

latcho dives

obviously because they do. They can survive on it but it contains few of the correct things that a pup needs to develop properly it also contains lactal and dogs get digestive problems trying to process lactal....(Lactose) so eventually human milk or formula will give it the runs... And that is the last thing a growing pup needs.... Both sheepmilk and goatsmilk contain almost no lactal so either is a far better alternative than formula , Human , or beefmilk.


In many cases, baby animals will do fine on human baby formula. But it is not a proper substitute for the right balance of nutrients for puppies and kittens. So will they survive? Maybe. But just because your grandmother in her case was able to raise that puppy on it, it does not make it a good idea. In most cases goat's milk is a much better option. There are thousands of puppies and kittens bottle fed with the formulas formulated for them. One person's experience is not a proper picture. The bottle feeders I know use either goats milk or GNC formula. The kittens they lose are either very unthrifty or sick and likely would have died regardless of what they were fed. There was a study done once that bottle fed baby rats will die of malnutrition when fed human breast milk. The point is that each mammal does best when fed the milk of it's own kind, or a formula that best imitates that. What is the point of your question other than to be argumentative?


I've been using human baby formula for all new baby animals I am blessed with. I've been using it for more than 20 years. I use the soy based formula, otherwise the babies tend to get diarrhea. Over 20 years, all the babies thrived. I've tried esbilac and KMR and every animal died. THEY DIED! I will never use that garbage again! Prior to me switching to the human baby formula, I made my own, based on a formula from over 50 years ago that I found on researching at the library. That formula served me well over the years. So, when some idiot tells you not to use human baby formula, it's because they are either trying to make a sale, they have been "told" what to think, or they are just too stupid to understand that human baby formula has strict quality control that KMR and Esbilac does not.


We used to rub brandy on a baby's gums to dull the pain of teething, and we survived but it's not recommended. We also used to feed dogs on scraps from the table and the butcher, and they survived but it's not recommended now to feed more than 10% table scraps.