Why does the next door dog bark when I listen to certain songs?

If I listen to the song “Equality” by Howard Jones from my room without headphones, the dog barks whenever the high pitched synthisizer hook comes on.

Mr. Smartypants

Years & years ago, when I was learning to play the recorder, our little dog would stop whatever he was doing and come in my room and sit right across from me and yowl. At the time I thought it must have hurt his ears. Maybe there were some strong overtones or harmonics that I couldn't even hear. But more recently I've read (in a few places) that dogs hear certain sounds and just want to sing along. Wolves evolved to howl when they heard another howl in the distance, and that's how wolves kept in touch before they discovered Facebook.


If mine react to a musical sound, including a siren, it's because of the pitch of the note(s) involved. Which is why I tell people to be careful when choosing the radio station they use when leaving it on if they go out. So hopefully the music being played doesn't cause the dogs to react, rather than the opposite (to keep them quiet!).


No-one's 100% sure but it's thought that the pitch of certain voices or music reminds dogs of their own way of communicating by howling as their ancestors did in the wild, and wolves still do. My mother used to tease me and say that it was the sound of my singing, making the dog's ears hurt.

latcho dives

Because your music probably emits sound frequencies and tones that irritate it`s ears


he has no taste in music, or has good taste in music


that is so cute