Will unseasoned chicken tenders/breast kill my dog if he eats them alot?

He refuses to eat dog food and I don’t know what to feed him.

Karen L

No, that won't kill him, but it can get expensive and a dog needs a little more nutrition in the long term. Method for getting a dog to eat dog food: Offer nothing but dog food. A healthy dog will not voluntarily starve itself if food is available. The usual reason why a healthy dog won't eat its food is that the owner offers something better if the dog doesn't eat. The dog learns that if it holds out, it will get chicken instead of kibble. You have to re-train the dog, and here's how. Put the proper food in the dog's bowl, the correct amount for that size of dog. Wait ten minutes. Do not encourage the dog to eat, or try to hand feed, or anything else to get it to eat. If the dog has not eaten the food by then, remove the food and offer nothing else until the next meal time. Got that? NOTHING. NOTHING. No treats, no snacks, no bits from your dinner plate, nothing at all. Do the same thing at the next meal. And the next. If the dog has not eaten anything by the third day, take it to the vet. But I'd be surprised if it's a medical problem. It's usually a training problem. You trained the dog to wait for something better. Now train it to know that what's in the bowl is all there's going to be.


Feed him DOG FOOD! When he gets hungry enough, he'll eat what you give him to eat. STOP FEEDING ANY HUMAN FOODS!

Love my Newf

He's only "refusing" to eat his food because YOU keep feeding him table scraps!!! A dog can't live on just chicken. It needs bone meal, organ meats. Your dog will end up horribly malnutritioned. STOP feeding him table scraps! If he begs put him in another room or outside.