Aquaclear 70 on a 36 g betta community tank?

I have an aquaclear 70 power filter and I was wondering if I should use that on my new 36 g tank. I’m worried it might be too much of an overkill for the tank size or about it creating possibly too strong of a current since bettas aren't the best of swimmers. Should I get the aquaclear 50 instead or stick with the 70?


Slow the flow all the way using the adjustment, tie some floating plastic plants in front of the outlet, add some tall plastic plants to the tank. Might be fine.


Its not to much for the tank, but it might be too much for the betta. but you should be able to find a way to diffuse the flow. Im not completely show how, i have never had a filter/power head like that. if its adjustable, turn it down. Or try to point it at the tank wall. try vto tie a chemical free sponge or cloth or foam in front of the place were the water shoots out.