Does API quick start remove chlorine from aquarium water?

First off, Yes, I just started my aquarium cycle with fish. Please don’t jump all over me about it because I have learned my lesson. I’ll most likely be taking the fish back to the store if they will take them. I started off with 4 guppies and 2 mollies, and within less than a week 2 guppies have died and all my other fish are at the top gasping for air even though I have added two air stones (it’s a 20 gallon) because I thought it was due to lack of oxygen, but it hasn’t helped. I thought the quick start was a good choice because it was for starting fish aquarium cycles and I was told it was a dechlorinizer by the person working at the store. The staying at the top could be a sign of chlorine poisoning from what I’ve read... I’ve been doing 20 percent water changes daily and treating all the water I put back in with the quick start before I put it in. So does it not work? Is that not what it’s for? The guppies were already doing this at the store before I bought them, but there was no circulation in the tank there so I thought they would be fine once I got them home. The guppies have done it ever since, but the Mollies just started last night... Also idk if this is important, but I have one live dwarf lily plant in my tank, just sprouted about 10 days ago and is already huge. I’d provide pictures but I’m not home at the moment.


It takes six weeks for the biology to become stable in the filter and tank. During that time the tank can have ammonia or nitrite poisoning. Reduce feeding to once or twice a week. And wait the six weeks before getting any new fish.


Based on a quick search of this product, no it does not. You need water conditioner to remove chlorine. I have API brand water conditioner and it is clearly labelled as such. Make sure all water that goes into the tank is de-chlorinated.