My guppies are pregnant and one started having babies. I’ve only counted 4....?

So far, I’ve only seen 6 fri (2 died because they were too weak). Isn’t a guppy supposed to have 20-60 fri? Is there something wrong with her or do I need to give her more time?


The other fry may have been eaten. you said 2 died? many guppies are heavilly inbred, if you bought your male and females from the same store, they are likly brother and sister. if you dont have a ratio of 3+ females to 1 male, the females get harrassed non stop before, during and after pregnancy. If your tank is not large enough, the females have no were to hide. If you put her in a breeding net/box, that is very stressfull, and most are much to small. But yes, she can have more fry from the same spawning weeks from now. Also, they tend to have larger and large batches of fry each time, so maybe that's all it is. But also stressed livebearers can abort the fry,

Anna E

They do have quite a few fry, but I never had one have more than 10 or so at one time. Give her more time, but be aware that other fish in the tank, including the guppies, will eat the fry.