What are these bumps on my fishes face?

this is a male rosy red minnow from pet smart (the 10 cent feeding fish). he is around 7-8 months old and it doesn't hurt or effect him but what is it?


They are pores and sensory organs used for smelling maybe, because their function is not completely understood. Called Breeding tubercles or nuptial tubercles they may function to maintain body contact between the sexes during spawning; in the defence of nests and territories; in the stimulation of females in courtship; and in some forms perhaps in sex and species recognition. So that is a normal condition for a male fish ready to breed. Find him a couple of mature females and he will be "happy"


It might just be his colororing. It might have scratched himself on the gravel. I prefer natural smooth gravel for this reson, but if fish are really digging in it, injuries are still a bosabilitie, I suggest you dont panic, but add a stresscoat product now and to all new water always, and add it anytime you net a fish, or add new fish. Seachums paraguard is a good one.


its probably just something akin to freckles for fish, probably just facial details on the fishes scales.