What fish to have in a 10 gallon community tank?

I was thinking 1 or 2 dwarf gouramis, 5 fancy guppies, a snail, and some tetras?


A single dwarf gourami needs at least a 20 gallon. You can try 2, especially if it is 2 females, but it is a risk. You could likely do 2 honey gourami in a 20 though. In a ten gallon tank you could do 5-7 same sex guppies a snail. another option is croaking/sparkling gorami and a snail. 3-5 american flag fish and a snail. a beta fish and snail 5 harleguin rasbora and snail 7 ember tetra and snail.


You are pretending that the tank is bigger than it is. 10 gallon tanks are hard to keep healthy, especially with a bunch of fish. Guppies or tetras, and less than 10, plus the snails. Edit: "Would a 20 gallon suffice?" Lena · 50 mins ago ...be better, one gourami and a school of tetras, rasboras or other small fish. Guppies aren't the best choice because they may harass the gourami. But if the other fish are small you can have up to 15 of them, maybe two groups of 7 or 8 of each kind. Start the tank with half the tetras, don't get the gourami for two months at least. Once you are comfortable with the maintenance and have fish that live, double the amount of tetras and add the gourami. (Most people overfeed. In the first two months feed twice a week. After that you can feed more often, but most people screw up their tank by overfeeding)


Maybe the Gouramis and guppies, or the Gouramis and tetras. Both guppies and tetras might be too much. Snail would probably be ok