How long would it take for a cowboy to get from Texas to Arkansas on horseback?



Texarkana - 30 seconds, including time to mount/dismount


He could mount the horse right at the border and get to Arkansas in 2 seconds. If he starts in the Western part of the state, it would take a lot longer. Texas is a big state, you may want to be a little more specific (unless this was supposed to be a trick question)


Where is point A and point B exactly. It takes nearly 2 and a,half days to drive cross texas


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Well it first depends on what part of Texas he's coming from and where in Arkansas he's going. And the route would be much longer then by car considering you can't ride the horse on the highway.

Lucky_08: 1 second given they share a border

1 second given they share a border :)


Starting from where, and ending where? You do the math... 1 man and a horse can do 25-30 miles a day on even ground. You could go more if you had to, but not for long before you wore out the horse and had to spend days recuperating. So you pick your start and end points, find that distance, then divide twice. Once by 25, once by 30, and there is the general range of days it would take to get from one to the other.


53 hours

Love my Newf

Same amount it takes anyone else via car, plane or train. From where in Texas to where in Arkansas? Texarkana to Texarkana - a mile and a half. ::Less than half an hour.


a cowboy? on a horse? a horse powered truck is what you mean! it would take no more than like 5-6 hours maybe


65.7 days 65.7x24hours=1576.8hours


A cowboy could shoot his horse dead in Cass County, Texas, and ride that buzzard bait fall into Miller County..