What do i need to do to start a horse ranch?



Start with a large fortune, and be prepared to turn it into a small fortune. Seriously... 1. Get a ton of experience with horses 2. Get business experience 3. Scope out the market for your product in the area you want to locate in. 4. Determine what your profit margins will be for that product. 5. Scope out the price of land. 6. Determine what your profit margins will be including a mortgage for the land. 7. Get your financials/credit ratings in top condition or you will not get a mortgage. If you can do all that, you're probably able to figure out the rest.

Cowboy Jacob

You need money for sure. then you can get land, horses, saddles, water troughs, and experience.


a ton of money and a lot of experience


Start out by buying a large piece of land somewhere, and then build a barn, a house, living quarters for your employees, etc. Put up fences and corrals. And then get ready to spend a ton of money on equipment, feed, hay, supplements, vet visits, farrier visits, etc. Buying the horses will be the easy part after all that. Make sure you hire some good staff to take care of your stock for you. And don't forget about transportation for your stock and yourself. Dream on, pal.... fantasies like this are always fun, but they never really become real.


To start … you 1st need LOTS of money (to do it right) .. and lots of land … this would be only the beginning of a start.


Horses and a ranch.


"If you have to ask..." Your own independent research, along with a basic understanding of horses and of business, is absolutely necessary. You need to look at the possible difficulties and how you will avoid them or deal with them. Here are some calamities for which you must be prepared. - You go out in the morning to the stable, and not just one, but THREE horses are dead. - You are suddenly ill, too ill to care for your horses, possibly in the hospital. - You lose your "day job" and still have to buy feed for the horses. - Someone gets injured riding one of your horses. - Trespassers are riding your horses without permission. - One of the trespassers gets injured and sues you. - All your tack mysteriously vanishes. - A strange horse mysteriously shows up in your herd. - The county health officer shows up because of a complaint. - You think that someone is trying to cause you trouble, to be able to buy your land cheaply. - A neighbor fences off part of your land as "his". - Your farrier quits or dies and you cannot find another. - Your boss at your day job wants you to go on a two-week business trip to a remote location. There's lots more stuff I've not thought of yet. You'll need to consider ALL those possibilities.

Karen L

1) Buy ranch 2) Buy horses


About a hundred head and a few armed hands. Your kinda crap outta luck ive been looking at stock for quite some time and You might consider buying a hamster instead.and selling out to the medical industry rather than damaging american livestock anymore with your incompetentence.


Land, money, barns, equipment, experience, more money and trustworh partners or employees that will do the work, reputable hay source, grain source, stock and depending if your going to breed, or tame and train or board and rent, you must know what type of ranching your going to be doing.


Land and at least one horse.


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