Need a name that goes with Bo... for a horse.?

We are taking a horse in for retirement. He is a bay Standardbred gelding. His name is Bo, but I really don t like it. I thought about just calling him Beau, but his elderly owners will be coming to visit now and then and seeing his name on his stuff, so I was thinking about just keeping it Bo but calling him something different, like Body or Bojangles or something, but not those lol. Any ideas?


Bo Jangles Bo Cephas Alphie Bo Bo Diddley Bo Jethro


Bohemiam BoDiddy




Bo and Beau are pronounced the same you know.


Beauregard? Bojo (Bo-Jo); Bojo-riffic. Or ask them if Bo stood for a longer name? If he has papers, what was his registered name?

Donnie Porko

Bojack Horseman Bolero.


Poor thing. You people are cruel nasties to those animals. Did you consider the horse before you poisoned his grass?


goodness, how childish and silly. it's silly to rename an old animal when you know the name already. he's not a toy.