How much does it cost just fo feed a horse whats the best cheapest food i can buy for mine and where?



Do not buy feed based solely on price. What you need to feed and how expensive it is depends on a lot of factors. Age, breed, use, housing, etc. Go to any farm store to see what's available in your area. You can research feeds by going to each manufacturer's website. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation.


The cheapest feed you can buy is proper de-worming of the horse. All horses have worms, some just a few and some many. You need to understand which worms infest your horse and what you should do about them. Your veterinarian can help. Makes no sense to feed the worms. You should be able to tell at a glance whether or not your horse is getting proper nutrition from his feed. Worms, bad teeth, ulcers, bad feed, insufficient feed, or low totem-pole rank can all cause poor nutrition. Your task is to learn and to understand what you must do. In general it is a mistake to be looking for the cheapest feed price. >MORE< Oh, oh, you are the young person who is trying to get a horse on a shoestring budget. Right now is your Grand Opportunity to learn everything you can about horses, even though it's not a good idea to own one quite yet. We've ALL been there, and have a pretty good idea of what you need to learn. If you can get into 4-H or Pony Club you might be able to advance quickly to good horsemanship. If not, at least read the Pony Club books.

Judy and the Beast

The cheapest is to have a horse you lease. Horses eat 24/7 with no break. If you are worried about having money enough for proper feed, you have bigger problems and should not own a horse. A lease arrangement can be just the thing.


Price is a very poor way of determining what you are going to feed any pet - a horse is no different. It depends on too many factors - quality pasture (or lack of quality pasture), the use of the horse, and the individual horse itself - each is an individual and the idea diet for one may not be the ideal diet for another. No one can offer you a real answer - but if you can't afford to feed a quality and appropriate diet to your horse perhaps you should not be getting one.


You should not get a horse if you cannot afford to feed it good food. Plus, every horse is different. My horse only eats hay while my friends horse can't eat hay and has a very special diet. I would discuss with a vet and I would also wait. Don't get an animal until you can give it the best possible care regardless of price. Additionally, if you worry about the feed bill, you will not be prepared for the possible vet bills which can run thousands of dollars. You are not ready dear.


You own a horse but don't know what it eats? Are you crazy? You better go talk to a vet.