I really, really, really want a horse but the only place i can keep it is at my dads yard?

I have school so i cant feed it in the morning i dont know if my parents are up to it and they sure wont hire people what should i do?


You shouldn't get a horse if you can't care for her...


Never get a horse. You are too young. If you really knew about and wanted the commitment of a horse, you would be ok with the fact that you have to wake up at 4:30-5 in the morning to feed your horse, clean its stall and or paddock, refill water, and give it a quick grooming. All has to be done BEFORE school. Your animal comes before feelings. They depend on you. If you are sick, you still go and see it.You're tired? Too bad. They need attention. Not to mention they are extremely extremely expensive. One accident and you are out thousands of dollars. I would suggest taking lessons and volunteer at a shelter or horse facility. You are not ready for a horse. They are a massive, time consuming, expensive, 20+ year commitment. Do not get one because you will neglect it


If you really, really, really wanted a horse, you would make the sacrifices that you need to do it - like get up 2 hours early before school to go take care of the horse. Horses are a lot of work and commitment. It would be your responsibility, not that of your parents, and do not expect them to hire someone just so you can sleep in. If you aren't willing to do this, then you don't get a horse.

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Get the horse when you have a place for it and can care for it.


Keeping a horse runs around $2000.00 per year.


If you can’t find a way to take care of a horse, don’t get one. Your horse may get neglected, and that’s something you wouldn’t want to happen. In the meantime, spend time preparing and figuring ways to take care of a horse in the future


I never got a horse till I was 18 yrs old and had a job and could care for the horse (pay for boarding). So sorry but you won't be getting a horse any time soon.


I think you're too young, and that you don't know enough about horses yet. See if your parents will let you get some riding lessons.


Hey there, After reading a lot of the other answers I think this is what everyone's trying to say. A lot of us have been in the boat that you are in. We get it. Horses are magnificent animals that we all think that we could have put them in the back yard and we can get up and go to school and pony will be in the back yard when you get home and you can go riding and all will be wonderful. Unfortunately, horses aren't quite like that. To start off, I would definitely ask your parents for some riding lessons at a local barn. Find a discipline that you like, a lesson horse and program that works for you, and see and make sure that you are up for the job. Next, if alright with your parents, I would look into a partial lease program with one of the horses at the barn that you are riding at. Doing this will give you a decent outline of what it's like to have a horse. From there, maybe a full lease and then ownership. It might not all happen with the same horse/pony, but the point is still there. Definitely give it time. This isn't going to be a "spend a week or a month in this part of the plan" idea either. Make sure that you are dedicated enough for this. This is not a game, this is not a fun thing that you can outgrow. These are animals that require as much attention as someone deserves to themselves. You are going to have to make a lot of sacrifices that you have to be willing to make. If this is what you want make sure of it. Start slow and you'll do great. Maybe one day you can have a horse in your own backyard.


Why? You will never take care of it. It takes way mor ethen just petting it and feeding it. A yard is way too small You don't neve know how to feed on and its very expensive to feed a horse Its very expesnive to vet one, well into the 1,000' You can't drive, don't own a vehicle that is strong enough to pull a trailer, can't afford either so how do you plan on moving it? You clealy don't even know about hoof care, teeth care or anything A horse is clearly a toy to you. Something you can stick in a yard and play with for a very short amount of time when it suits you


dude.. don't get a horse. I know you want one bro, we've all been there. but like, if you cant take care of it bc of school... that's neglect. horses need love. if you get a horse i'm calling peta.


Is there a stable nearby where you could keep it?


The best thing I ever did was not own a horse. I was so sure up until a couple of years ago that I wanted one but it's so time consuming and very hard to maintain. Id wait until you have got more stability in your life (good job and house etc). Have you considered getting a part loan of a horse? That's what I do now and it works out perfectly. Unsure where you're from and whether this site is international but Preloved is a good place to look. That is where I found my loan horse and it's the best of both worlds. Treat her like she's my own, don't get any get bills and can still go on holidays etc


Obvious. Get the horse and skip the school to take care of it. It's your property your responsibility.