What should I sell my pony for?

Junior Mint is a 4 year old black Welsh pony gelding. He is about 11 hands. Although he is young he has had so much experience. He will cross anything you ask him to- deadfall, rivers, boggy areas ect. A confident rider would have a blast on him. He can comfortably carry up to 115 pounds. He has been on countless HARD rides and a few gymkhanas. He would be an incredible youth endurance pony! Please help :) Just so you know this was more of an experiment for the community. Seeing what people thought about situations similar to these... Thanks for your answers :)


Value would vary widely by location and what demand for such a pony would be in your area. Not many people in my area are in the market for such a small pony, let alone one that's been ridden "HARD", "countless" times, at only four years old- a good recipe for joint problems later in life.


It's a gelding. It's worthless.


I am glad I don't know where you are, because sometimes I am a sucker for "rescue" cases.


3,000 maybe


find him a nice owner who will love him and don't treat your animal like a commodity. jeez, poor creature, find it a home where it doesn't have to go on HARD rides and is just loved.