What is your favorite horse/horse related product you own/use?

Just wondering what is your favorite product to use as a horseback rider


Number 1 would have to be my bitless bridle. My horse prefers it and it also saves time because I don't have to catch her in a halter, groom, her then put on a bridle. I just catch her in her bitless. Number 2 would be coconut oil. My horse is an Irish Cob with a very long and thick mane and tail. Not only does it take a lot of brushing but it picks up mud and sticks and leaves. The oil keeps it whiter and seems to repell mud. She gets these things such in her forelock too.

Judy and the Beast

Dressage whip. Very handy as a fly scraper Equin elite. A hair detangler for manes and tails Tipperary helmet. So comfortable and keeps me cool or warm all seasons.


Storm, my Thoroughbred would say his favorite product would be his hoof moisturizer to keep his hooves from cracking, princess that he is. Finn, my chunky little Quarter Horse would say mangos haha


Miracle Groom


My Instahot 2! I don't feel guilty giving my horses a bath with cold hose water. They get warm bath water and they love it! Plus it's great for my hands, especially when it's 4:30 am on a show day and I have to wash a pee spot out!