Should I get a welsh pony ? Can I ride a welsh pony with my size and height?

I have been riding for 4 years now (13-17) . I had a 12 year old quarter hourse that I using to learn how to train horses with ( with the help of several house experts) and I had an accident that left me afraid of my horse anf got so bad i had to sell my beloved horse so I have been looking around for houses and have been reading about the welsh pony and wanted to know if they would be a good breed to start off with and if i would be able to ride one ( taller then 14 hands ) if I got one and felt comfortable getting on a horse again because I really miss riding and doing horse 4 h and wantes to start of with a smaller breed ( im 165 pounds and im 5"3) i probably would just do trail walking and showmanship work for a little bit


ever watch the TV show Bonanza? See that BIG guy Hoss Cartwright? yeah he's a big big man. Rode that horse everyday.


You can probably get away with riding a pony, but really you should be looking for the "right" horse for you. You pretty much know already what sort you ought to be riding. If you got a classic "foundation" QH, or perhaps a classic Morgan, either one about 15.2 or shorter, you would probably be quite comfortable. It's actually getting on and riding that will cure you of your fears, and again, you know that already. The major disadvantage of a pony is that if you are with other horses or if you are showing, the size will be against you. You'll have to trot to keep up, or the judges will silently laugh at you as they give that blue ribbon to someone with a "proper" horse. Heck, if you WANT to show a pony, train it so tremendously well that the judges will stop laughing as they pick their jaws up off the floor. "Geeezzuss, look at those flying changes!" "Holy Crummoly, look at that extended trot, no she's changed to collected. No, it's back to extended. And she isn't even signalling for it!"

Judy and the Beast

I would say you want to get real horse that can carry a larger sized rider. If you are 17 and 165 lbs, you likely will continue to gain weight. In my experience, between the ages of 17 and 25 you will likely put on another 20% of your body weight or another 30 lbs. Of course, it is impossible for me to predict if you will suddenly drop weight, I'm just trying to be realistic. 200lb riders need a larger sized very sturdy horse. I have seen so many people grow out of their lovely ponies and be just heartbroken that they have to rehome them. I would look for a big boned horse suited for beginners like a draft cross, a haflinger pony or cross, an Icelandic or something designed genetically with a short step/comfortable way of going and typically a calm temperment. I would not recommend a welsh pony. Cob ponies are typically much stouter and stronger and often are around 14.2hh. If you are in England there will be lots to pick from but if in the US, you may have to look at the breeds I mentioned earlier as cobs are pretty unusual here. It's really not about the breed but the individual horse. However, welsh ponies that you are asking about as a breed are a more refined pony. Smaller heads and finer legs. I do not think they are able to handle someone of your size. My opinion.

Love my Newf

Learn the difference between horse and house. You had horses and "trained" horses and yet have to ask this? A horse can hold a max of 20% of its weight in rider and tack. Welsh ponies weight around 500 pounds. Therefore the rider plus tack shouldn't be more than 100 pounds.You're WAY too big for that type of pony. Selfish of you to want one.