Why is this horse doing this ?

Bought a new horse - guaranteed to be gentle with no troubles - brought it home 1st day - kids rode it - it did fine .. gentle and perfect .. put him in the lot with another horse - then when wife and husband went into the lot tonight to check on him -- the horse charged each one of them separately .. what is up with this horse - why is he charging ?

Love my Newf

Why are you asking us what's wrong with it? Ask the prior owner. It probably just doesn't know who the hell you are. Why would you let your kids ride it on the first day? Pretty selfish of you and your spoiled children. You should have allowed the horse at least a day or two to get used to its new surroundings.

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Fear based, and herd bound. Probably been kept by itself for a long time. Now has buddies and does not want any humans disrupting his herd. Might need more than an hour or two to get used to new home.


Umm...hello? Horses don't like everyone especially those haters that stink of animal experiments. I had a heck of a time with my new puppy. She basically decided she loved me and all you medical freaks needed to eat dirt.i barely convinced her to not eat about a hundred people in the first few days. I expect you all hate animals and the animals pick up on it. Have you all looked at getting to gether on an island like the moon? No animals there.


he may have been drugged when he was brought home.


The stable mate was an alpha, and the new horse is looking for someone to be better than. Just like people.


probably has attitude problems or maybe get him checked by the vet to see if anything is wrong with his back or ulcers that can cause a horse to be grumpy


It can take a while for a horse to settle into a new environment. It may be feeling nervous and stressed and is defending itself. Or, it could be a horse that gets buddy sour. Meaning it gets very attached to/protective of another horse. I have one like that that has to be alone because he gets so attached to another horse that he loses his mind when he is separated from it and can get aggressive when trying to make sure that he gets to stay with it. I would give it a week or two and let the horse settle in and calm down. Then reevaluate.