Hello I am afraid of my bunny?

My bunny has been very adventurous lately. And he has decided to jump over his xpen. the first time he did this i thought “well this wont happen again.” and put him in his little cage (without touching him) and then put the cage back into his x pen and then opened it for him to get out. then an hour later, he jumps over the cage again but this time, almost gets stuck between the wall and his x pen. i some how (without touching him) get him safely back inside his x pen. then i put some fleece blankets over the cage so he wouldn’t jump over it again. i am terrified of touching him cause I dont want him to bite me or scratch me. also, how do I get him to stop jumping?


Sounds like you need a taller pen. And it sounds like you need to learn to handle your rabbit. rabbits dont stopp jumping, you may want to consider a more sedate pet. , like a guinea pig, hamster or hedgehog.


repeat question

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Build a relationship with it and you'll grow to love him. Guarentee baby!!!