I want to get a Netherland dwarf bunny and since I own hamsters I have an ikea detolf cage, could I keep the bunny there?



Nope. Too small, not tall enough and not enough ventilation for an animal that large. Rabbits need at least 15 square feet. More if they are large, active or don't get much floor time. The cage needs to be tall enough for them to stand up completely. It needs to be a wire cage with a solid floor.


No. Rabbits should not be housed in glass enclosures. They produce large amounts of urine and enclosures with glass sides are not adequately ventilated. Plus, it's really too small for a rabbit, which should have an absolute bare minimum of about 8 square feet, if they spend most of their time outside the cage. If they spend most of their time in the cage, it needs to be much larger even than that.


i would ask thenn at the pet store about it