My bunny rabbit won’t eat?

Less than a week ago I accidentally gave my rabbit a large carrot that expired early 2018. Last night I came home to a load of bunny diarrhea, I cleaned up his cage and went to bed, in the morning he was still in the same spot, unmoving. I brought him to my bed and started to use a squeeze bottle to give him water, as he won’t eat or drink. I gave him a small bath to clear a bunch of hard poop from his butt. I’ve been massaging his belly and he pooped out first some yellow mucus covered poop and then green mucus colored. Now I’ve been letting him rest but he hasn’t eaten for well over 12 hours and I’m starting to worry. There are no vets open as it is Sunday.


Lagamorphs aren't stupid enough to eat spoiled food. If the carrot was as old as you say, it would have been slimy, mushy and stinky and you would never have tried to feed it to anything, including your rabbit. If you actually have a sick rabbit, it is sick from something else and pushing and squeezing it will only cause internal injuries. Personally, I believe you are a troll, but if not, your only course of action will be to take it to a vet that treats rabbits for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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I just saw this question and hopefully you've been able to help your rabbit. If he still isn't eating or pooping when you see this, please get him to a rabbit savvy vet right away. You seem to be describing GI stasis which means the GI tract stops moving. If it doesn't start functioning again, it is fatal to your rabbit. Carrots are naturally high in sugars. Feeding a large amount of sugar all at once can completely imbalance the bacteria in a rabbit's gut. This is how GI stress can begin. This is why it is normally advised to feed no more than a 1" slice of carrot on any given day. But even that limited amount may be too much for some rabbits since some are more sensitive than others. Hay is the most important part of a rabbit's diet. See if he will eat any on his own. BUT if he isn't eating or pooping, get him to a vet. They will likely give him subcutaneous fluids to rehydrate him, some medication for gut motility and some pain meds. Don't wait. For further info on rabbit care, feel free to check my website:

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There are vet emergency clinics in every major city and they have phone numbers AND websites you can contact a vet for a phone conversation with.