My Rabbit Hates Me...?

Okay so obviously I got my rabbit a fee days ago. He is in an X Pen because I couldnt bring myself to out him in a small cage. I sit in his cage from time to time so he can get used to my scent and all. But today he kept running away from me. I had just came home from school so maybe he smelt someone? But i steped in his pen and he started nipping and bitting and pulling at my socks. I left the house for an hour and came back and out him in a smaller cage so i could deep clean his pen. He waslooking at me weird as if he was terrified of me. When I went to go pick the cage up and put him back in the pen, he literally ran to the otherside of the cage to get away from me. My heart is broke . I have not picked him up yet, and I havent even tried petting him since I got him. Why does my rabbit hate me so much?

Nekkid Truth!

It takes time to earn trust with some species. Try offering him treats from your hand so he associates you with good things.


Its gonna take time. patience

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He doesn't hate you. You just need to learn how to bond with a rabbit. You've made some right steps, but also could improve on others. I answered a prior question of yours and linked a rabbit website. I'm guessing from this current question that you never went on that site. It answers all your questions. But my answer received a thumbs down -- hopefully it wasn't from you. First thing to understand is that rabbits have changing moods throughout the day. If you are trying to interact with him when he isn't in the mood, then you will get the impression that he doesn't like you. That isn't the case. He just doesn't want to interact at that time. Rabbits are very different from other pets in this regard. It is why owning a rabbit (and bonding with one) takes tons and tons and tons of patience. This page on that site details bonding with your rabbit: The pulling at your socks sounds hormonal. How old is he? If he's hormonal, his behavior will be erratic -- a difficult time to try to bond with him. Picking him up is a huge, big no-no. After months of bonding, you *may* be able to attempt it, but doing it now will only make him fear you. The info on the website link above includes another link to a site about bunny body language. Learning bunny body language is really important and will be most helpful to you as you begin to bond with your rabbit. Good luck!


Because he thinks you want to eat him.