Tips for purging?

ive never had a full binge/purge cycle, im just looking for some tips when it comes to purging


DO NOT DO IT! Other than making you uncomfortable, at the least. To being dangerous to your health at worst. The only good of it, is when you stop. It is a Fad, They did this at Battle Creek (7th Day Adventist) Sanitarium, It did not work then, it does not work today. It is a SCAM.

james l

don't do it its a dumb, stupid thing to do its also a lazy way to lose weight


The tip would be to seek treatment since this is usually a sign of stress in the person. Perhaps you see yourself as not having control in some area of your life, or you feel pressured in some way, or someone is ridiculing you. You may have been made fun of over your weight, or you may not have. Either way, you should go to your family doctor and just tell them what is going on. They can help you connect with someone who can give you actual helpful "tips" so you can stop this and move on with a useful life that is not ruled by whether you are eating, how much you are eating, or what sort of stresses are bothering you with no reasonable solution.


Here's a tip for you... DON"T DO IT! It's REALLY STUPID!


The best tip you can get is - DO NOT do it. Because it can cause real harm.






By purging do you mean fasting or puking?