Will Rabbits Survive Outside In The Summer Or Should I Keep Them Inside For The Summer?

Will My Rabbits Be Ok In The Summers Of Vegas Or Should I Take Them In. I Need To Plan Ahead Of Time


Vegas heat can get pretty bad. The likely will be highly uncomfortable, at best, if you keep them outside and they aren't able to dig to den to stay cooler. Freezing water bottles for them can help, but my experience is once it hits the 90s they are panting and visibly trying to find ways to stay cool even with ice around them. Personally, I would be looking at getting them inside in Vegas heat.

A Hunch

You can freeze blocks of ice and put it in their cages. (like a gallon water jug). If the cage is shaded all day that may work. -- but honestly, if I was in Vegas, I wouldn't risk it. Instead I'd plan to have them inside during the summer. Additionally, what have you been doing in the winter. Vegas had some very cold nights this year. It feels like the weather is turning towards spring now. If they were outside during all this, you are lucky they made it through the winter. My advice - only have them outside in spring and fall.


If coyotes, hawks, and snakes are around then no.