What is it like to have a pet rabbit ?

compared to cats and dogs as pets what is it like to have a pet rabbit ?

Mrs. Frankenstein

One of my friends LOVES rabbits and has kept them as pets her whole life. She is a very good rabbit keeper, but damn, they can be a lot work. It's worth it to get them as babies so you can tame them, but don't be shocked if they just don't go up to people and don't like to be held. They can be quite temperamental and mean when they want to be, then sweet and keep to themselves. If you want a bigger species, one that you plan on just letting go in your home from time to time, you have to rabbit proof everything, as they chew a lot. My uncle also had giant rabbits that he had loose in his backyard and at night, they would go into their enclosures to sleep. They were very VERY sweet bunbuns that would just hop right up to him, other people they trusted, get on a lap, and just chill. He had them for years. Rabbits are not the pet for everyone. They can be costly, time consuming, and have special needs that a lot of other animals don't need to be bothered with. They have very sensitive respiratory systems and can get colds very easily. But if you read up and learn how to take care of them, it really can be a weird, special bond between bun and owner, that's for sure. My friend that I mentioned earlier will open the cage (she keeps it in her room), get on her bed, say their names, and they hop right up on the bed, one on either side, will snuggle up to her and they all just chill out, watch TV, or nap...it's kind of cute :)


They stink


Hopping mad....