What're some good apartment/one room pets for a busy human?

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some suggestions for pets for myself. I am very busy, I work 7 days a week. 5 days is the standard 9-5, weekends are shorter shifts but I am still gone for the majority of the morning. I have fish because they entertain themselves and are low maintenance but I really want a different kind of pet (maybe something with a little bit more personality). I have roommates so I want to make sure that the pet can be able to stay in my bedroom (preferably in some kind of enclosure). I've thought about birds, but I know that they bond and I don't know if I have time to care for more than one. I'm allergic to hay and grass, so I haven't researched bunnies or rabbits too much. It would be nice to be able to play with it and spend time with it during the time I do have off, but since it is not much most of the animals that are cuddly/playful I would be neglecting too much. I want a pet, but I also want to be a responsible owner. If that means no pets, then no pets. But I am hoping someone has an idea for me! Thanks!


I would NOT recommend birds or rabbits (both are high maintenance, especially for an apartment) Ball pythons are very low maintenance but can be a bit costly as they need about a 40-gallon tank. They also do not need to eat every day if given a proper size mouse/rat. Do require heat pads and proper humidity. Can get around 3-4 feet depending on if it s a male or female. Very calm and don t move a lot, but are quite relaxing to hold and let curl up on you or wrap around your arm. Hamsters are fairly low maintenance but MUST be homed in a decent size enclosure (not crummy ones that have hardly any room like at pet stores). I d also recommend a bigger sized enclosure to provide more toys and entertainment for the hamster while you re at work. They re nocturnal, so if you were to come home around 5, they ll be getting ready to start their active time. That s all I can really think of that would be a fit. Do as much research as possible. And no matter what animal you end up with, be sure to have a little time in your day (after you get home from work) to spend with your little friend! Hope this helped :)


Do not get birds or a rabbit. They are not low maintenance and birds can be loud and I don't know if your roommates would appreciate that. You could get a rodent. Rats, hamster, mice or gerbils. No guinea pigs or chinchillas. They are high maintenance and also eat hay. A reptile could work. Some are pretty low maintenance. If your roommates don't mind you could get invertebrates. The lowest maintenance pets you can get. Some are better for handling than others. You can handle millipedes, praying mantids, roaches, beetles etc. Tarantulas and scorpions are not going to be your best bet since they can bit/sting and don't appreciate being held.


Pet rock.

Elaine M

Rats are VERY personable and live about 5 years. Mice can come in different designer colors, they live under 3 years. Reptiles? A snake?

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Bearded dragons are cool pets