Good day i just want to find out the petshop said i must put my phythons water bowl on top of the heating pat while it is shedding ?



You don’t have to do that if you have another source of raising the humidity so the snake can shed out proper. Putting the water on the pad will encourage him to bask in the warm water and soak but if there is another source of humidity or humid tropical environment that will do the same, the snake also needs a dry area to rest in if he wants. People often put too large dish in and the snake has no log or platform to get out of the water. They like to take a dip to help loosen the skin but that does not mrsn they want to sleep in the water. Also change it daily or if he messes in or or it’s nasty from using it.


Clever way to help the snake shed. A rock in the tank will also help by giving the snake something to rub against.