Has the welfare state created an under class who will never work?

‘The welfare system has to be a safety net for people who have fallen on tough times, not a long-term alternative to employment’ Harry Davis, a spokesman for the Taxpayers' Alliance Of the 10 English constituencies that pull in the most benefits cash six are in Merseyside, two are in Manchester with one each in Birmingham and Leeds. All of them are safe Labour seats. Surprised? https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/667402/Benefits-Britain-map-cash-money-welfare-system-jobseekers Dayton, thatcher has been out of office for nearly 30 years. We had 13 labour years between 1997-2010. Yet scouseland is benefit central .


There will always be people who won't work. Most of them are CEOs.


No, a lack of a living wage has


As an American, I see the UK government as stupid. But the people are great. Your government closed all the factories and they went to to other countries to meet CO2 emissions by globalists who worship the god of Climate Change. The liberals also opened the gate to let in record numbers of third world refugees who are a drawl on the system because they are in great numbers. Yes, it turned your beautiful country into a welfare state. And there’s a secret they aren’t telling you...the globalists are trying to impose a New World Order thru bankrupting rich countries and a depopulation plan. Google ‘Agenda 21’ and do your own research.


All of them were hit badly in the 80's recession, and at the time it was pointed out that the lack of any intervention or job creation under Thatcher risked creating generations of long-term unemployed. So that's happened now. There are numerous attempts underway to try and help people enter work. I suppose Harry Davis just wants to scrap any help though, ignoring any of the adverse effects he may be warned about, just like people like him did in the 80's - it's likely that he was one of them. BTW - I'm guessing that Harry is likely to be from an affluent county with a Tory MP - would I be right there? I could be wrong, because there are complete gits like Esther McVey around. Edit - I said 'Generations' The long term unemployed of the 80's often had kids who grew up in the 90's and were long term unemployed, then their kids joined the same culture. The culture obviously came from somewhere, it's harder to cure it than it was to stupidly create it.


It just shows the neglect of the north west by Westminster

Sunday Crone

Having been on welfare at one time, I would say that the entitlement that now seems to be an accepted attitude by those who have not had to accept welfare and do not know or understand the humiliation that goes with it only adds to the issue. I worked for the government and could not afford to pay rent, the babysitter and feed my son . Actually the babysitter earned more an hour than I did. Without assistance I would not have been able to work my way off aid. Eventually I went to college (paid for it all myself) while working full time I am now 74 and retired. Last year my retirement was over 50K, which is more than I ever earned working and I paid for that as well myself. Of course I was taught that one must work, but my parents were young adults during the depression of the 1930..

Joy thru apathy

Nonsense Dailly express rubbish

Freethinking Liberal

No, it was Thatcher and other Tories who have done that


not the welfare state as such - but the benefits available under its systems but yes the benefits available has created people who will never work they are not exactly an "under class" - but can live a life acceptable to them on the benefits they get (for example - I was unemployed for a while but my wife worked part time more than the hours allowed So I could not claim income support and as a result we had to pay full council tax and all other bills (prescriptions, eye tests dentist) - which came to more than she was earning she reduced her hours so I COULD claim income support - so now our council tax+ the other bills were paid for So NOW even though our income was lower- we had far lower bills but it gets even worse- the benefits agency lowered the income support £ for £ of what she was earning leaving her just £5 better off that is - they took ZERO account of how much it took her to GET to work which was more than 5£/week - So she in effect was losing money by going to work (she "lost" something like 10£/week - cos it cost 3£/day to GET to work) I pursuaded her to stop work saving us 15£/week travel expenses and my income support went back to its maxiumum That is - by neither of us working (instead of just me) we were 15£/week better off


No. It has created a swarm of parasitic economic migrants.


Yes, which is why a radical change in society is required. We must have 21st century workhouses and cut 80% of benefits.

blue sky

Yes'...most kids are bone idol due to Government reckless management, (wrong people in the wrong job) both parties Labour/Conservatives are equally guilty. Most who are on benefits who suffer from a phantom supposing bad pain back.. has now robbed them the initiative to work


Once a chav always a chav. They are breeding the next generation of welfare sucking blobs. You only have to look at the phones they have --top of the range---tats full sleeve 4/500£. Yet thy say they cannot afford to live. Cut the benefits 10% for every month they don't work