How to get a bearded dragon to eat vegetable and fruit?

I have a bearded dragon, that is about one year old by now and I got him from a friend of mine, who didn't really want him anymore. I'm sure they didn't feed him vegetables or fruit of any kind. Are there any techniques I could use to encourage him to eat his vegetables?

Atarah Derek

Give it more leafy greens, which are lower in sugar and better for it. At only a year old, its diet should still have plenty of insects.


Bee pollen is a good attractant, but don't use too much. Some people also put like super worms UNDER the veggies so that the movement and worms will encourage them to dig in. Also try a variety of fruits and veggies, some dragons have favorites. Check out for a good food chart that's not outdated like most of them. I used to stack veggies on my dragon's head the more he would refuse them. Then take pictures to show the world and embarrass him


You could feed the veggies to a cricket, then feed the cricket to the lizard.


U have a pet dragon???