I want a chameleon, but I don’t think I’m experienced enough. Should I get one or wait?

One of my favorite animals are chameleons - obviously hence I want one so badly (my 2 favorite aren’t really pet friendly, so they’re out of the question). Still, I my mom said she’s fine with a chameleon. I looked up some tips on taking care of them, and now realized they’re for experienced reptile owners. We do have 2 reptiles, a RES and a leopard gecko, but we haven’t had them for a while. (The RES we’ve had for about 4 months, and the gecko for half a year). Would you recommend that I get one and just read advice and so on, or wait until I’m more experienced?

Mrs. Frankenstein

Read everything you can and heck, even go to reptile stores and ask for advice. ANY tropical animal can be tricky, for first timers and the experienced alike. I don't have them strictly because of the time and maintenance, but that's me. I've owned and cared for several snakes, lizards, frogs, what have you for over 20 years and I still personally wouldn't get a chameleon because I'm not up for all that goes into them. If this is an animal you want, do your research and make sure you have the means and the time to take care of it. Many people who get chameleons fall in love with these little guys and it becomes a lifelong hobby. My friend received one for her birthday, completely out of the blue kind of thing and she never even owned a reptile before in her life. She now has 8 of the little suckers, LOL. She fell in love and won't look back!