If turtles live longer than humans, then how can you have a pet turtle if it s going to outlive you?


Nekkid Truth!

SOME species live longer than humans. Most people are not equipped to own the longer-lived species.

Dances with Weed

You give the turtle to your kids or learn how to live longer


You pass on your turtle to your child or grandchild when your time is up.


SOME turtles live longer than humans; some don't. As with any pet, you make provisions in your will for them.


Make arrangements with friends and family should you pass away before your pet then have someone willing to take it and care for it. It is good advice for any pet because we never know what might happen and you don't want to worry about if your animal will be taken care of.


Most people don't take good enough care of their turtle, tortoise, or bird, so the animal only lives a fraction of its normal lifespan.


You just do. My grandfather had parrots. Some of his parrots are in their 50's and still living. the parrots now live with other people.