What is the best reptile to care for, for beginners?

I want a reptile, I don’t know really what kind to get. I just want really friendly one that I can carry around. I what a reptile, I don’t know really what kind to get. I just want a really friendly one that I can carry around. Not a reptile that scared people to death like a snake


A plastic reptile from the toy aisle at Walmart.


Reptiles are not the best pets for carrying around or cuddling. Many of them lack the part of the brain capable of affection unlike mammals, and will actually be stressed and scared whenever some large warm blooded animal plucks them out of their home and carries them around. They're best served as observation animals


Bearded dragons and ball pythons are NOT beginner reptiles. They require a lot of time, a lot of knowledge, and a lot of space. Most of the larger reptiles that you would be able to carry around are not beginner pets. Reptiles in general tend to be for more experienced pet owners, which most chain pet stores will not bother telling you. Corn snakes are easy compared to other reptiles, they are a smaller, even tempered snake that doesn't need as much room as a ball python. Geckos and anoles can also be an option, but these animals are small and usually very fast and don't like a lot of handling. Keep in mind that the average reptile is going to require a 20-30 gallon tank minimum, a heat lamp and/or pad, safe, appropriate substrate, cover and climbs to keep it enriched and you're going to need to be able to handle the diet it will require. Pets are a big responsibility, but its possible to learn and care for them properly if you are willing to put the time in to do research. You're going to come across a lot of people that will try to make fun of you or belittle you because you don't know everything they do, but don't let them discourage you. Reptiles can be incredible pets, you just need to be prepared for the work load and also be fully aware of what you're getting into. There is no such thing as an 'easy' pet. Every living creature requires time, knowledge, and money to care for properly.


Here are my favorite reptile pets for beginners Fire belly toad Fire belly newt Ball python Green anole lizard Red eared wilder turtle Garter snake Leopard gecko Corn snake Beadered dragon Green tree frog Tokay gecko


I would recommend a snake such as a corn snake, king snake, milk snake, or a ball python. All these species have simple cage setups and do not grow big. The first 3 are colubrids that are great feeders usually take frozen/thawed food very well. Ball pythons are a small bigger bodied snake that are slow moving. (Good to sit on the couch with). The ball python can be a finky feeder sometimes. I have a male that goes off food each winter and only wants to eat live, but I also have a spider ball female that eats frozen thawed and will eat anytime food is offered. They still are amazing animals with lots of color and pattern morphs just be aware of the finky feeding.


Cant go wrong with a Bearded dragon


There are many beginner reptiles. Just look for reptile shows near you and go look at some then research what you like


I would say a ball python.


Corn snakes and ball pythons are literally the easiest pets to take care of. You literally feed them Once every 10 days and clean their tank once a month. But since you’re a scaredy-cat cat probably like a bearded dragon but they eat crickets and imagine hearing crickets in your house all the time lol.


I said carry around and a snake would probably run away or slither away

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A type of lizard would be your best bet.


I think a California liberal lizard ..........................................

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A python


Garden snake or anol lizard. Very easy and can have the reptile on display in a aquarium.


Reptiles are hard to take care of and aren't like taking care of a cat or dog. Most reptiles aren't friendly either, and hate being handled. They like to be left alone and only really given attention when it's feeding time. They're also not pets that you can just sit down and say "hm I'm gonna impulse get one right now" like furry animals. You need to sit down and do your research (and I mean lots of research) and get their habitats set up before the reptile is brought into the house. You could end up injuring or even killing your reptile and that's reckless and immature. If you're gonna come on yahoo answers and ask which reptile will let you hold it and love on it, I strongly advise against getting a reptile. You're going to end up hurting it, killing it, or releasing it and destroying other animal populations. Just get a dog.


Well my first ever pet was a bearded dragon. It was so amazing to be able to have a pet, finally. And then I got ill but not because of me and who else was looking after him. Anyways, if you want a reptil 🦎, go for a gecko or a snake. But what ever you do don’t buy it from a pet shop for example ‘Pets At Home’ I would suggest getting one from a breeder ONLY. As you can see the mother and decide if that is the exact reptile of it species that you want. Hope this is helpful!! Good luck


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Ball python is one of the easiest


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They aren't pets. Visit them in zoos or in the wild.