Why was the disgraced Labour Mp treated more leniently than the Lib-Dem MP who committed the same offence?

Why is she held to a lower standard? At the Old Bailey on Tuesday, Mr Justice Stuart-Smith said the sentence of the Peterborough MP was the ‘shortest I feel able to impose’. He added: ‘I make plain I will not treat you more severely because of your position as an MP and former solicitor In 2013, former Lib-Dem MP Chris Huhne was jailed for eight months for lying over a speeding ticket, having persuaded his wife to claim she was driving and take his penalty points for him so he didn’t lose his licence. Is three months a reasonable sentence for her crime? HE got eight months for lying about a driving offence, SHE lied about a driving offence and got three.


Maybe the Judge was a Corbyn supporter. The sentence could be increased as the Attorney General has made a complaint about it. What gets up my nose is that she will still receive her MPs salary.


It's just been reported that a complaint has been made to the Attorney General about the leniency of her sentence and it will be reviewed. Anyone can complain about sentences in certain cases they consider too lenient.

blue sky

Would you want those people to govern the UK....we are suppose to look up to them


There is absolutely NO consistency in the British Justice System.


In any other job she'd have been sacked. MPs have made laws that exclude them from the same laws that they rest of us abide by.


Yes, perfectly reasonable. Different crime, different judge, different length of sentence but within sentencing guidelines. Are you honestly telling me you think the judge mused over what political party this woman had allegiance to, when she'd just been tried for breaking the law?