Would a 75 gallon aquarium tank be okay for a blue tongue skink?

I have looked everywhere for a reptile enclosure that size, and nowhere in the uk seems to do custom made. If I used a tank and took the lid off, for ventilation, seeing as they can’t climb, would it be okay? The heat lap would be hung on attach to the bottom of a shelf above it


I am in Australia and do wildlife care and can assure you a bluetonge ca escape from a tank without a lid. They get into the corner of the tank and wedge themselves on their very strong tail so the are pra tically balancing on the tip to get out. the tank needs to be taller than your bluey is long but for temperature and humidity control a lid is the best option. the lamp needs to be both IR for heat and UV for essential health. I use a 75 gallon tank for injured/convalescent blue tongues, ideally a home for a healthy one should be larger.