Has anyone kept a hamster during college? and was it a good idea?



I had a gerbil and my bf used to let it crawl up his ***


First find out the rules for your dorm. I had one (it was allowed) both my junior and senior years at college. It was a pain transporting him back and forth during breaks and summer, but we managed. My roommate and I allowed him out to play with him, and he was a good break for both of us. But step 1 - find out if you can even have one. Step 2 - you need a plan for what to do during breaks, summer, and what to do when you graduate of course.

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I had a guinea pig in college. It was against the rule to keep him in the dorm, but I did anyway. I got permission from the head of the Science Department to keep him in the Science Lab; but I didn't actually do that. I put the cage in the closet when I wasn't in the room, so that if somebody came looking, they would not see him. Now, this guinea pig would normally call out with excitement when I came into the room; so I made it a rule to ignore the piggie for the first 5 minutes after coming in. So he quit calling out when I came in. If I had to, I could actually have put him in the Science Lab, but I didn't have to. Hamsters are quieter than guinea pigs, of course. It's up to you to figure out whether you can manage to keep a hamster.

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You CAN'T have a hamster at college. Dorms don't allow pets. If your parents don't want to take care of it then give it away.


i did sonnething like that during college, i once thought it would be a good idea to get sonne guinea pigs, they kept nne up all night so i had to give thenn back, if youre a deep sleeper it nnight work but i wasnt


Like someone mentioned a wire cage wont be a good idea because it woukd be too noisy. There isnt a lot of room i might guess wherever you go to stay at. If you have enough space i would do a long tank and fill it with hamster goodies. Make sure you get clamps to shut and lock the lid closed since they tend to escape often.


Yes, but I wouldn't get the metal cages ones since they tend to climb it a lot and end up falling from it, also the metal cage ones makes a lot of noise. Also remember the hamster's do bite you at times, sometimes they think your finger is a carrot lol, and it does hurt.