Make guinea pig names ?

He s brown and has white eyebrows . He s a boy . Want unique names .

Kitten Tamer



Einstein. Darwin. Willard.



defend liberty

Do you have any favorite movies or books? You can use character names from those. Or you could choose names based on a theme: You could consider plant names like Basil, Pepper, Pumpkin, Rose, Daisy, Ivy. Food names like Latte, Mocha, Snickers, Peanut, Burrito, Coffee, Popcorn, Cinnamon, Honey. Or "sky" names like Orion, Pluto, Neptune, Draco, Galaxy, Nebula, Venus, Galaxy. Or rock names like Quartz, Malachite, Copper, Clay, Diamond, Silver, Marble, Slate, Coal. Or weather names like Blizzard, Volcano, Storm, Dusty, Sunny, Cloud, Rain, Frost Or based on color (depending on color of course) like Ginger, Cinnamon, Onyx, Vanilla, Cream, Snow, Midnight, Shadow, Cocoa, Butter, Spot, Speckles.