My mice village is getting out of control?

So I have been building a village of mice in my house. I gave them basic supplies to start them off but really I'd like for them to be self sustaining. Anyway a small group started developing on the outskirts of the village and they are growing very quickly. They have radical ideas and aren't afraid to get violent. I've seen them surround other mice and nibble them to death. Recently there have been talks of an overthrow. Should I do something about this new group forming or should I just let it play out and let the strongest group survive?


Kill them all. They are running social experiments on YOU.


Hang menstrual rags- this is what women did in 1800's


you should hire me for pest control. I have an air rifle.


SEPARATE THEM. Mice don't live in villages so they will turn on each other. They can't self sustain if they are trapped in your mouse village