Scared to sleep because mice in house?

I know this sounds pretty childish and this is the only place I can think of for an answer, I have this really bad phobia of mice and rodents and stuff like that and I’ve even had a hard time sleeping since there has been a lot of snow were I live and I’m worried there’s gonna be some in the house because there was at my dads old house last year and I never got any sleep at all but yesterday I checked this middle part between the fridge and I saw this grey thing and i freaked out thinking it was a tail but I just told myself it was probably just a wire but a few minutes ago I was grabbing a glass of water and I saw that it was gone and now I’m freaking out because idk how I’m gonna sleep tonight and my mom is still working is there any ideas? I doubt anybody’s gonna answer this


If they are in the house, they will be way more afraid of you than you are of them. Think of this - they aren't in your house (if they are) to harm you they are just trying to avoid freezing in the cold. They are really pretty harmless, so just try to sleep and not imagine that every noise you hear is a mouse. They are living critters, and while many people are very afraid of them, and you are not alone, remind yourself that you are HUGE and they are TINY and that if they do see you they will scurry away and hide.


I hate cockroaches


Try not to dwell too much, mice exist everywhere, even if you haven’t realized they’re there. I know it’s easier said than done, especially since it’s not a phobia of mine, but remember that if you do have mice, they won’t bother you. The odds of them even being in your bedroom is unlikely unless you have old food. Watch a movie or tv to distract you until you fall asleep, or read a book, music, etc to take your mind off it. You can also set out traps and poison to catch them. That can either make you feel better for getting rid of them, or make it worse by realizing they’re actually there, though. :/ My best advice really is to not dwell on it and remember they won’t hurt you or do anything to you. Although not mice, if I’m ever scared at night from hearing noises or watching scary things I distract myself until I sleep and remind myself that nothing is going to happen and that I’m just being silly.


whats the worst that could happen if a mice is in your house while sleeping? you wont get the plague and vaccines exist in the world now. They might not even bother w you as they are looking for food, your not the best option for food. good night and try not to think about it too much. when u have time u could always call an exterminator