Can I get worked compensation for stress and anxiety caused by the store director?

Lately I’ve been extremely stressed out because besides worrying about personal problems I have to worry about doing the wet rack the way the store director wants it. So yesterday I was leaving and my manger (friend) text me that the store director wanted me to clock by in and I went to tell the store director I couldn’t (because I have to fix problems from my house) and he told me did I have 5 minuets and I said yea so he walked me to my rack and he told me he was very disappointed in my work he said look at the green onions what looks wrong with them and I said oh a consumer got one from the bottom and they all fell and maya my friend picked them up then he was telling me other things about my rack and I decided to say “can I just put in my two weeks notice” and he said “you don’t have to you can leave tomorrow” but this isn’t the first time he said something harsh. I once called off because I was sick and the next day he gave me a warning and I went to talk to him and he told me what happened and I told him I didn’t feel good that day and he told me you know what’s good for that and I said yea medicine and he told me no coming to work. So all this is giving me so much anxiety whenever I’m there at the store and he’s around and I get depressed that I don’t finish on time because the workers in the afternoon don’t do their work.


No. Your stress is not being caused by your store director. Your stress is being caused by your inability to handle the normal everyday stress we all have to deal with. Workman's Comp does not cover that.


Worker Compensation is for when employees are (injured) on the job. It pays for all medical treatment and lost wages after a waiting period, which could be a few days or a week. Depending on the injury, if it is permanent or a partial impairment, then (might) get a settlement. Personal problems you have is (your) problem. Most people out here will have stress and anxiety, but we handle it. Now your (own) doctor, (might) give you a RX for your stress/anxiety. If you have a lot of your own personal problems, then that can affect your work, since my guess is thinking about those things while working vs doing your job correctly. Your only option is to quit and find another job.


No you cannot and those are the LONGEST run-on sentences in the history of Y.A.