Why do Democrats think that free press means CNN can lie unchallenged?

CNN pushes liberal propoganda. They even try to say the Socialist from ww2 werent socialists, while supporting their tactics.

Dru Zod

There is no law against lying If there was all of CNN and MSNBC would be in jail Not to mention the entire DNC


They're part of the same corrupt attempt to overthrow our government.


Those viewers that cling to CNN only share their opinions. < Key word is "opinions", not facts.

Kathy Miller

The OBama executive order signed in his last days as President just ran out. It provided about 13 million to the media for their anti-Trump articles. 2100 media people have been laid off so far, and hopefully we won't have to listen to their negative stuff as much now. www.infowars.com for the story. Who is challenging the Democrats anyway...they break all kinds of laws and are not prosecuted. Hillary for prison!


Because Democrats are nothing more than The Degenerate Party these days. They'll even throw the porn industry under the bus if it suits the Liberal media agenda, like what happened with August Ames at the end of 2017.

Christian sinner

Hypocrisy and a sport fan mentality.


When have they lied and about what?


Just because CNN does not push conservative propaganda - that does not mean they are lying. Are you scared to post your question without doing it anonymously?


While independent studies have found that CNN isn't accurate 100% of the time, they still found that what CNN reports on is correct in the vast majority of what it reports. If you are really concerned with inaccuracy in the media then you need to start advocating for the shutdown of Infowars, Fox News, the Drudge Report, and Occupy Democrats. These sources were found to statistically have some of the greatest numbers of instances of false reporting by independent studies.

Weasel McWeasel

Fox went to COURT for the right to LIE to it's viewers and WON......as long as they called it OPINION. Hence, Fox and retarded OPINIONATED Friends, was born.


CNN doesn't lie. If they get something wrong, they correct it, unlike FOX.


What did they "lie" about?


Only because you want to believe thats what they think Terry.


Has it ever occurred to you that they are not lying? That they are simply telling you something you don't want to hear?


they don't why are cons usually wrong about liberals and why don't they realize when cons post lies it only makes them look bad?

Violation Nation!!

*Republicans. *Fox. FTFY

Pat Wooden

Come on--no political statement by either party goes unchallenged these days. If CNN were to lie about something, all its opponents will look for proof that it's wrong. If they can't find proof, then maybe it's not wrong.