Why my hamster died?

My hamster died this morning. His body was all wet but he doesn t have the smells,he died in the spinner. He was perfectly fine last night but when I woke up he was dead, I cried. He was just one year s old. I put two mouse in this cage one is this hamster and one is a perfectly normal hamster. They were like brothers they don t fought. He become dad last week. Now he died. The babies doesn t have fathers. Personally I don t think is wet tail, but let me know what s your opinion about this :) !


So sorry to hear about your hamster. Maybe it got stuck and wet itself.. Rest in peace .


sad when they die

Betty boop

I had a hamster die the same way and i cried too what i think might have happened is mabye the hamster was laying under water bottle and got a ammonia or it layed in its own pee ammonia is the reason hamsters cant have baths