Do other first world countries allow their citizens to die in the streets like America does?

Frozen, burnt and dying from floods? Or is it just third world countries?

Moon Shot

Of course it happens all the time. You seriously think there are no homeless in other countries?


NATO countries sent troops to Iraq & Afghanistan.


Yes Every country has its share of homeless I saw more people sleeping on the street on Okinawa, Japan then I I have ever seen in Waco, Tx (during any like period)


Not to the degree we do. One wonders if any US city other than L.A. has such a homeless induced epidemic of typhus that an Asst City Attorney is now fighting for her life. Yeah, an actual employee of City Hall caught a Middle Ages rat born disease just from walking the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Second biggest city in the country, my fellow Americans. We should all be very proud, not.

The Taxpayer

I see...and where is that happening?


If you're referring to the homeless in major US cities, London is just as bad. The homeless exist everywhere.


Yes. I have been to at least 4 others. And you should see what third world nations look like for comparison. Been to one of those too.

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