My husband is an atheist, can he be excused from Jury Duty?

My husband is 21 and we live in Florida, he has never believed in God and he thinks they will try and use a bible when sworn in. Do they excuse atheist?


No. I've been called to jury duty multiple times in several states and never once have I seen a Bible there or been asked to swear by one.

Bill B

Swearing in on the Bible went out with 1970s television shows. He will not have to swear in on the Bible & it will not likely come up that he is an atheist unless your husband brings it up.


No, and you DON'T have to swear on a bible.


You watch too much TV..... no one cares if a juror is religious or not


Those on jury duty are not sworn in Plus they stopped using bibles for witnesses many years ago


I served on a jury less than 6 months ago and I was never asked to swear on a Bible.


Witnesses are sworn in, jurors are not. Nice try though.

jeffrey f

No-one is excused from jury duty because of their religious beliefs.


They don't do that. Atheists would have been in an uproar long before now.

I Call It Like I See It

Probably not, but it never hurts for him to ask if he can be dismissed because of his beliefs. I got remove fairly quickly from daily jury pool selection because I gave carefully worded answers that may have made it appear I couldn't be impartial to either the prosecution or defense. If he takes that route he should tread very carefully. Judges don't like people that go out of their way to skirt around the system.


No. He will still be required to swear on the Bible. Plenty of atheists serve in capital cases every day without an issue. He will need to be removed by one of the lawyers in order to miss jury duty.