What you do if you saw someone wearing a Make America Great Again hat?

would you speak out and erroneously and ridiculously say it is "racist"?


Nothing like I have done when other hats, shirts, and such are worn that I do not agree with. This country was founded on free speech and not PC. Former SSgt.

Mrs. Frankenstein

Ef no. I'd go about my business. Don't get me wrong, I'm not really a Trump fan (for other reasons), but f*ck, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but lately, NO ONE is allowed to support the president anymore without backlash. It's ridiculous. You didn't see this years ago when people were supporting Obama or Bush; no one was ripping the hats off their heads or destroying their property.


I go stand next to them so my MAGA hat would make us look like a "movement". Sort of like the feminist pussy hats.


Nope Just ignore them and silently feel sorry for their stupidity


I would assume they are thinking American patriots and I would feel safer. Nothing scares me more than an ugly woman wearing a pink poosy hat.....I assume they are unhappy and angry.


Racism is a form of "contempt before investigation". When a person jumps to the conclusion that a person wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat is a racist, they too are guilty of "contempt before investigation"! So when I wear my MAGA hat and some one trips out over it, I just write it off to that person being uniformed and ignorant. Now there is a saying that applies (IMHO): "It is better to be still and be thought a fool then to open ones mouth and lay all suspicion to rest!" Yes we all have freedom of speech. But there is little reason to imitate Trump by what you suggest in our own behavior. If we think Trump should engage the brain before running the mouth then all of us should do likewise.


I'd ignore them. I don't agree with Trump, or his stupid asss wall. But anyone who gets offended and angry about someone's political beliefs is in the wrong country. We are allowed to have opinions here, this isn't North Korea. SJW's are making us normal liberals look horrible, bunch of f*cking crybabies make sick. Let the fool wear his hat, what do I care?

Dances with Weed

No, i would condone their use of free speech.


Wherever, it's just a hat, and their choice I respect it.


Nothing, why would I?

Warren T



I'd scream baby murder and throw a bucket of pigs blood on them then run around in circles while striping off all my cloths and screaming hysterically.


No. They usually are carrying firearms, and never graduated High School. If apparently safe, I just consider it another shape of Dunce cap.

The Lord Humungus.

If you're not a douche, why wear a hat which proclaim you to be a douche?


Nothing, I've got better things to do than argue with idiots.


No, I would just mentally subtract 15 points from my estimate of the wearer's IQ.