Do Kamala Harris and Cory Booker really think they can beat Trump in the election bc they are black?

Haven't we seen this before?


Why would they have to resort to thinking they can win for being black? They can win for Government experience, intelligence and being well-spoken. I don’t care for 70+ year-old men who act like 13-year-olds. I’m funny that way. At this time, Harris nor Booker would get my vote. At the moment, no one seems well-suited to me, since the best qualified candidate ever was not elected in 2016. But, I will be watching and see who gets my attention as we continue forward.


Seems to the the Democratic party's M.O. these days... oppression olympics and racial/gender division over policy and character

What You Talkin' About?

Obama beat two men so white they could hide in a loaf of Wonder bread. And they were not batsh!t crazy like Trump.


No - they think they can beat Trump because they are not Trump. (Keep in mind, this was Hillary's main point: vote for me, I'm not Trump. Didn't work for HRC, but it could work for anyone in 2020, now that Trump has a track record.)


Being a token only gets you so far.


Being black has nothing to do w/it


No. They can beat the racist because they are smart and people are wising up to the phony pig.


Spartacus and the Hollywood Hooker. What a joke.

Chewy Ivan 2

No. They think they can beat Trump because they aren't compulsive liars who insult our allies while turning a blind eye to Russian meddling.

I supoort athem protests

Kamela Harris has a very light complexion. Good thing racist republican trash she views light skin or mixed girls as black



Pat D

I think they believe the can win because either would be a much better president than Trump, and that a majority of voters will agree.

Little Ms Sunshine

I won't vote for anyone because of the color of their skin - I will vote for the person I would trust the most to organize the survivors on a deserted island, and that sure wouldn't be the current occupant, who may get people to build a boat for him to escape on, leaving everyone else behind...


Little Toadstool is an idiot who won primarily because he's white. If he wasn't, his racist base wouldn't have backed him.


Yes, if they get backed by the Big Donor ($$$) Democrats and Big Media.....


It appears to Democrats that the only reason the failed community organizer 'won.' Was because he was a 'clean & articulate*' Black Democrat


both are well educated and tough people

pH of 7

who knows what those idiots think, or even IF they think.


Yes they definitely would.


I met Booker when he as running for Mayor off Newark. He came into the Newark Museum and its lice Dreyfus Planetarium. I said then anyone willing to go to such unlikely places seeking votes was sure to win (which he did). Don't sell him short.

Christian sinner

It sounds like what they might think. The Spartacus moment of Booker's was so lame, and he is a ME Too suspect. So, I'm just going to say it figures. I think they underestimate the public . . . typical politicians.


Harris is to far to the left and while in California not at all respected by democrats, many dems argued that she was a cop because she was, as they say, to tough on crime. Booker pretty was in the face of Matt Kavanaugh over an unsubstantiated allegation of a sexual assault while Kavanaug was a teenager, yet in one of Booker's own writings he described his own actions of groping a young girl while he was a teenager. If democrats don't mind hypocrites then maybe he stands a chance. Black people voted for Obama because they thought that with a black man as president they would certainly get the help that democrats have been promised for years. Now we have Trump and the lowest unemployment rate for blacks and Latino's in history.

Jeff D

I think a lot of people realize that the Democratic party can't win the Presidency with a white candidate anymore. That doesn't mean that either Harris or Booker are shoo-ins, but in a party dominated by identity politics they pass the first hurdle.

Justin Thyme

They think they can.

Homeschool produces winners

Yes the race card and the envy cards are very powerful tools for democrats. We should never underestimate the power of leftist / liberal / socialist / progressive lies. It may be, the democrat party is using the "Trump is racist" lie because the corporate elites intend on running a Black democrat in the upcoming election

Goyim Defense League

only dumb americans would think Kamala Harris is black