Has Melania's face turned up on any milk cartons yet? Where is she? Why is there not one word about Barron , either?


Weasel McWeasel

I prefer to keep the kids out it.....and just as well he's out of the spotlight. It is curious though, that Trump NEVER seems to mention him, or that he even has a son. As for Melania.......I am sure reporting back to Putin every hour on the hour, fills up most of her day. He swore this would only be a short term gig.


I read an article that sad that Melania and Baron spent most of their time with her parents who live somewhere in the area and also travel with the couple.


The last I heard Melania was on a USAF jet headed on vacation. It happened the same time trump denied Pelosi a plane to visit the troops. "Trump Denies Pelosi Plane to Visit U.S. Troops in Shutdown Spat" https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-01-17/trump-postpones-pelosi-overseas-trip-citing-shutdown-dispute


No idea. And I imagine you care less about their health and safety, than an ability to use them as a political tool.


Unlike Michelle Obama who loved being in the spotlight, Melania prefers to live quietly and take care of her child. Besides, anytime she does anything, says anything, or wears anything in public, she receives hateful comments.


She's working on her escape plans for when Trump is arrested for treason


on the intergalactic ones, yes.