Have you started planning your Trump 2020 victory party yet ?

We have....It will be HUUUUUUGE ! Seriously though,with democrat party leaders all hungry for power,they will have about 20 running and half running as independents ,splitting up those few democrats who don't hate them yet,and assuring "Donald the great" another win.

Mr. Smartypants

Excellent work, comrade! 8^) Yeah, especially after the thorough a**-kicking the Dems got last November! Trump is more powerful than ever! And he's not in any legal trouble at all. Sure. Hey, what color is the sky in your world?


that is what primaries are for.


"with democrat party leaders all hungry for power,they will have about 20 running" Republican candidates who ran in 2016: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul John Kasich,Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina Jeb Bush. Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry. Chris Christie, just started following politics ? well, I hope you vote when you turn 18


Yes,especially since they have proven they hate America and her people,and love illegals.I see the democrat "base" fracturing daily into about 5 different camps,at election time they will turn on each other,ending any chance at victory.


No. Trump will die of a heart attack, Pence be screwing things up by 2020.


Trump 2020 is given based on the signs of the times. If the liberal media keeps repeating that Trump wouldn't win based on their polls then history will repeat itself just like the last Presidential election. Further, Dems' strategy of resisting can only get them so far.


It sure looks like he doesn't have much to worry about from dems!


A Trump victory in 2020 will not happen

Little Ms Sunshine

Ahem - have you considered he may be in prison by then, therefore ineligible to run?






he won't make it past the primaries. Flake 2020!


not yet