Will the voters vote for socialism in 2020?



Socialism isn't on the ballot, so no


Progressives will. Moderates and swing voters will not.


Not a big fan of socialism but Trump is worse


that would be great because socialism is the greatest


Socialism is not on the ballot. A mixture of capitalism and socialism is the best economic policy. All countries have socialistic programs, and need to. Utilities, military, government, healthcare and many services must be heavily regulated or socialized, by all countries, capitalism does not work in those sectors because there is no competition. Healthcare insurance in rich countries and/or healthcare(other than the US) have been socialized or paid for by the state. Capitalism cannot control healthcare costs. 75 Ways Socialism Has Improved America Well I hate to be the one to tell you, but Socialism, which you have been told to fear all your life, is responsible for all this... 1. The Military/Defense - The United States military is the largest and most funded socialist program in the world. It operates thanks to our taxpayer dollars and protects the country as a whole. From the richest citizens to the homeless who sleep under the bridge. We are all protected by our military whether we pay taxes or not. This is complete socialism. 2. Highways/Roads - Those roads and highways you drive on every single day are completely taxpayer funded. Your tax dollars are used to maintain, expand, and preserve our highways and roads for every one's use. President Eisenhower was inspired by Germany's autobahn and implemented the idea right here in America. That's right, a republican president created our taxpayer funded, national highway system. This was a different time, before the republican party came down with a vicious case of rabies that never went away. 3. Public Libraries - Yes. That place where you go to check out books from conservative authors telling you how horrible socialism is, is in fact socialism. Libraries are taxpayer funded. You pay a few bucks to get a library card and you can read books for free for the rest of your life. 4. Police - Ever had a situation where you had to call the police? Then you have used a taxpayer funded socialist program. Anyone can call the police whether they pay taxes or not. They are there to protect and serve the community, not individuals. This is complete socialism on a state level, but still socialism all the same. Would you rather have to swipe your credit card before the police will help you? 5. Fire Dept. - Hopefully you have never had a fire in your home. But if you have, you probably called your local taxpayer-funded fire department to put the fire out. Like police, this is state socialism. You tax dollars are used to rescue your entire community in case of a fire. It use to be set up where you would pay a fee every month to the fire dept. for their service. If you didn't pay, they let your house burn down. Sadly, a man from Tennessee had this exact situation happen to him in 2011 because he didn't pay his $75.00 fee. I guess that small town in Tennessee would rather let people's houses burn down that resort to evil socialism. So don't take for granted the fact that you have a 24/7 fire dept. to put out your burning home thanks to socialism. See more at http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/3/29/1078852/-75-Ways-Socialism-Has-Improved-America

Donald K

Democrats in general have no clear message except get Trump at all cost. Some that have started running for President are promising rainbows and unicorns for every house. People see through all that BS.


Seems to be a popular trend but socialism does not work! It would mean disaster for the USA!


Democratic socialism, I hope.


You betcha!

Oh boy

Nay, Trump would still be your president


Nope. Trump will win again.


Sure. What a step down after Gump, eh?


Baba Vanga prediction.