Why do americans hate karl marx?

I am not a commie don't worryand I am a capitalist like you but I am not rich, do americans hate marx if hate communism too?


Ha! Most Americans don't know who Karl Marx is (and some that know of him think he's Russian :-) Most American's hate communism and a lot of Americans hate socialism, but relatively few knew who wrote Das Kapital and started it all. My point: most Americans don't hate Karl Marx because you can't hate someone you don't know about.


We may hate Karl Marx but we do like Groucho, Chico, and Harpo.


Must be all those mass graves and piles of corpses created by followers of Marxist collectivism. Some people are averse to oppression, tyranny and murder. Imagine that.


most americans don't know anything about him other than that he was regularly cited by a lot of communists as being important to the formation of their movement. they hate communism, communists associated themselves with him, so they hate him


the only jew hated by usa


alot of people might just associate marx with 'bad' but most of marx's concepts were to subvert society and more or less trick people and condition them into being subjugated by an all-controlling system .. doesnt sound like fun to me ..